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Ideathon FAQ's

What is an Ideathon?

Ideathon is a brainstorming event where students form a group of 3-5 students and ideate on a real world problem and come up with a creative solution.

Who can participate in this event?

Ideathon is open to all the undergraduate and postgraduate students.Anyone in a team of up to 3-5 members can participate in the event.

Can I participate individually?

No, it’s a group event. You are required to form a team of up to 3-5 members and ideate on a real world problem and come up with a creative sustainable solution.

Is there any charge for participation?

No. there is no entry fee to participate in this competition.

I am an out stationed student participant, will I be paid for my travel and stay expenses?

No reimbursementshall be made for the expenses incurred for travel and stay of out-stationed participants in Phase I.

How can I register for the event?

Form a team of 3-5 members and visit http://nknideathon.in/register.php to register.

What is the reporting time?

All the teams participating are requested to reach at the venue by 8.00a.m

On the day of event where should I report?

All the teams are requested to report to the registration desk and get their teams registered

What all do we have to bring on the day of the event?

Please carry your Laptop/tablet, Pen drive and a valid college ID card with you.

Will we get internet connection for the preparing report or finding the solution to the problem?

Yes, internet connectivity will be provided at the venue.